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Stand For Sexual Fitness (Free Class)

If you’ve been masturbating to porn the same way for the last ten years, you owe it to yourself and to your lovers to explore what more is possible.  Millions of people use online porn to make sexual arousal quick, efficient, and effortless. However, porn can so grab our attention that we forget to enjoy our own sensuous bodies.

Porn Yoga is about fully feeling and enjoying the pleasures and sensations of your body while you masturbate. Porn Yoga is NOT about doing traditional yoga postures while watching porn. Instead, it’s about learning effective erotic practices that help you pay attention to your body as you watch. Furthermore, Porn Yoga helps you use your sexual arousal to benefit your sex life, your relationships and your overall wellness. In the same way that running or swimming can benefit your entire life, learning to masturbate in new ways can create exciting changes in your body and life. These classes teach simple strategies to enliven your body, open your heart and generate lots of pleasure.

Stand Up


The foundational practice of Porn Yoga is quite simple: Stand up and move while you watch. Raise your viewing screen so you can easily enjoy the porn while masturbating. Standing to enjoy porn and self touch is an easy adjustment from sitting or lying down. The simple act of standing is called a Leverage Practice because this small effort produces astonishing sexual benefits. We have found that standing and moving for two or three sessions will get you beyond the awkwardness of starting a new practice. In seven to ten sessions you will be accessing the erotic flow state. Check out how this works for you.

This simple shift from almost motionless sex to moving during masturbation allows you to enjoy your arousal, breaking old habits and exploring new ways of being sexual.  Commit to more playfulness and movement when you are sexually aroused. Porn Yoga practices can help you dance your orgasm.

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