Core Practices

Stand and Move

Standing and moving as you play is called a leverage practice because this small shift from almost motionless sex to standing and moving produces astonishing sexual benefits both in our solo sex and in our sex with partners. When we say Stand and Move, we are not suggesting any specific movements, but only that you allow your body the freedom to move. Your movement could be as simple as swaying from side to side and moving your weight from one foot to the other. Perhaps you’ll be inspired by the rhythms of the sex you are watching. The more relaxed and playful your movement becomes, the more your body can vibrate with feelings of joy and pleasure. 

Pendulum - Playing with Attention

This practice is simple but powerful. Bring your attention away from the porn to your own aroused body for five breaths. As you breathe, scan through your body, noticing the places of most pleasure. The Pendulum can take us on a journey into what is going on inside of our body. Be sure to watch Jack explore his inner landscape in Body Scan to Integrate Arousal